Embassy Services

Starting smoothly in Austria!

We care for your comfort.

  • Car Registration/Insurance
  • Household Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
Our service includes official registration and ordering diplomatic number plates.

Motor liability insurance covers settlement of justified claims or refusal of unjustified claims of compensation addressed to the policyholder  due to legal liability regulations.

Comprehensive insurance covers your car against

  • fire, explosion
  • car theft, unauthorized use, fraud
  • forces of nature. lightning, rockfall, landslide, hail, flood, storm
  • roof avalanches, icicles
  • damage caused by animals
  • damage caused by short-curcuit current
  • loss of personal effects by theft
  • malicious damage
  • self-inflicted accidents
  • damage caused through gross negligence
  • breakage of headlights, windshield, side windows, rear window, glass sunroof
  • damages while parked
Household insurance covers your contents against

  • loss or damage by theft or attempted theft
  • fire
  • explosion
  • storm
  • lightning
  • damage caused by water leakage

A private liability insurance is automatically included.

Medical insurance covers treatment of acute conditions of illness or injuries that occur:

  • in-hospital treatment
  • patient transport
  • out-patient treatment
  • dental treatment
  • patient repatriation and transport of a deceased person
  • accompanying person